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Offsets Committee Teleconferences - April 21, 22 & 28
04-21-2009 - 04-22-2009 
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The WCI Offsets Committee hosted several public teleconferences featuring organizations and institutions which conduct Offsets protocol reviews. 

Per Task 3.1 on pages 33-35 of the WCI's Work Plan for 2009-10, these teleconferences are part of the Offsets Committee review of existing organizations and institutions which may have the capacity or structures to perform the protocol review and recommendation process. An analysis of these bodies’ strengths and weaknesses will be conducted and compared to the internal capabilities of the WCI Partner jurisdictions.

These public presentations addressed each organization’s process for identification, review, recommendation, and approval of protocols; and capacity to perform some or all of this process on behalf of the WCI Partner jurisdictions.    

April 21:  

  • Karen Haugen-Kozyra, Climate Change Central                                                     
  • Gary Gero, Climate Action Reserve                         

April 22:  

  • Grant Kirkman, Clean Development Mechanism                                                          
  • Chris Sherry, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (no presentation)

April 28:  

  • Sean Clark, The Climate Trust