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Document Title:Draft Recommendations for the WCI Offset Systems Process
Comment Period:Tuesday, 07 June 2011 through Friday, 08 July 2011
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The Western Climate Initiative (WCI) Offsets Committee invites stakeholder comments on these draft recommendations for the requirements and process of offset project review and approval and credit creation for the regional emissions trading program. 

The WCI Design Recommendations (2008) recommended the establishment of a rigorous offset system to support the WCI cap-and-trade program. The Design for the WCI Regional Program (2010) recommended essential criteria for credible offsets and that standards and processes for approving offset projects be developed in an open and transparent manner in advance of the start of the cap-and-trade program. The draft recommendations in this paper support these objectives.

The draft recommendations identify the critical elements of offset project approval that WCI Partner jurisdictions believe will lead to high-quality offset credits that can be exchangeable across the region. Consistent, transparent processes are expected to lower project development costs and support learning and sharing of experience among Partner jurisdictions and offset project developers. Stakeholder engagement, third party involvement, and regulatory oversight combine to ensure the environmental integrity of the program.

For questions regarding comment submittal:Tim Lesiuk
Posted By:Offsets Committee

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Comment AuthorOrganizationDate Posted
SIMON LLOYDWednesday, 15 June 2011
Kyle Danish Coalition for Emission Reduction PolicyTuesday, 05 July 2011
Katie Sullivan IETAWednesday, 06 July 2011
Jenna Dunlop CAPPThursday, 07 July 2011
Tammy Wong Ontario Power GenerationThursday, 07 July 2011
Don MacKinnon Power Workers' UnionFriday, 08 July 2011
Tyler Plante Ecoplans LtdFriday, 08 July 2011
Greg Arnold CE2 Capital PartnersFriday, 08 July 2011
Timothy Downing Cement Association of CanadaFriday, 08 July 2011
Charles White Waste ManangementFriday, 08 July 2011
Amber Riesenhuber IEPFriday, 08 July 2011
Nicholas Martin American Carbon RegistryFriday, 08 July 2011
Lily Mitchell SCPPAFriday, 08 July 2011
Barbara Haya Union of Concerned ScientistsSaturday, 09 July 2011