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Document Title:Auction Design White Paper
Comment Period:Wednesday, 14 April 2010 through Friday, 07 May 2010
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This white paper is the first step in developing recommendations on auction design, including identifying design decisions to be made and assessing their inherent tradeoffs. WCI Partners invite stakeholder comments on this white paper.  These comments will assist the Markets Committee as they develop recommendation to WCI Partners for the design of the regionally coordinated auction. 

For questions regarding comment submittal:Craig Golding
Posted By:Markets Committee

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Comment AuthorOrganizationDate Posted
John Busterud Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyWednesday, 05 May 2010
Gregor Robinson Ontario Energy AssociationFriday, 07 May 2010
Susan Frank Western Climate Advocates Network (WeCAN)Friday, 07 May 2010
Ann McCarthy Montreal Climate ExchangeFriday, 07 May 2010
Aaron Singer Pacific Carbon ExchangeFriday, 07 May 2010
Don McCabe Ontario Federation of AgricultureFriday, 07 May 2010
William Einstein Puget Sound EnergyFriday, 07 May 2010
Elisabeth DeMarco 1. The Clean and Reliable Energy Supply ConsortiumFriday, 07 May 2010
Brianne Metzger-Doran Spectra EnergyFriday, 07 May 2010
Lily Mitchell Southern California Public Power AuthoritySaturday, 08 May 2010
Katie Sullivan IETAMonday, 10 May 2010