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Document Title:Market Oversight Draft Recommendations
Comment Period:Monday, 05 April 2010 through Friday, 30 April 2010
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The WCI Partner jurisdictions invite stakeholder comments on these Draft Recommendations on Market Oversight. The Markets Committee’s “market oversight” task is examining measures to ensure that the allowance and offset credit trading market is organized properly to operate reliably and prevent or minimize manipulation.  This task reflects the commitment of the WCI Partner jurisdictions to provide appropriate safeguards and oversight of the allowance and offset credit trading markets. 

The Committee identified twelve policy decisions and examined the background, options, and pros and cons for each. The Committee welcomes comment on all the Draft Recommendations, individually and collectively, and in particular on:
  • Whether the tools available to WCI Partner jurisdictions for market oversight have been completely and correctly identified;
  • Whether the Draft Recommendations would correctly maximize the environmental and economic benefit to the public and support WCI’s Principles of Market Oversight;
  • Whether the Committee should recommend collection of derivatives position information from market participants, including on over-the-counter derivatives; and if so, what of that information to disclose to the public; and
  • The Draft Recommendation to require secondary market trades to use a central limit order book.
For questions regarding comment submittal:Mark Wenzel
Posted By:Markets Committee

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Comment AuthorOrganizationDate Posted
Joe Fontaine NH DESMonday, 19 April 2010
Aaron Singer Pacific Carbon ExchangeFriday, 30 April 2010
Ann McCarthy Montreal Climate ExchangeFriday, 30 April 2010
Steve Huhman Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc.Friday, 30 April 2010
Susan Frank Western Climate Advocates Network (WeCAN)Friday, 30 April 2010
Joseph Bowring Monitoring AnalyticsFriday, 30 April 2010
Peter Stockman Deep River GroupSaturday, 01 May 2010
Tim Tutt Sacramento Municipal Utility DistrictSaturday, 01 May 2010
Lily Mitchell Southern California Public Power AuthoritySaturday, 01 May 2010
Clare Breidenich Western Power Trading ForumMonday, 03 May 2010
Henry Derwent IETAMonday, 03 May 2010
Elisabeth (Lisa) DeMarco Clean and Reliable Energy Supply ConsortiumThursday, 06 May 2010
Kyle Danish and Megan Ceronsky Coalition for Emission Reduction Projects Wednesday, 19 May 2010