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Document Title:Draft Guidance for Developing Partner Jurisdiction Allowance Budgets
Comment Period:Friday, 04 December 2009 through Wednesday, 13 January 2010
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This document provides guidance for calculating, establishing, and reviewing annual allowance budgets for the WCI Partner jurisdictions.  The WCI Partners believe there is value in developing a budget-setting process prior to establishing budgets.  For this reason, the CSAD Committee is releasing this draft guidance ahead of when allowance budgets must be established, recognizing that changes to the method or process described within the guidance may be necessary in response to federal developments, results of mandatory reporting data, etc. 

For questions regarding comment submittal:Jean-Yves Benoit
Posted By:CSAD Committee

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Comment AuthorOrganizationDate Posted
Don MacKinnon Power Workers' UnionWednesday, 13 January 2010
Susan Frank Western Climate Advocates Network (WeCAN)Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Nancy Atwood Puget Sound EnergyWednesday, 13 January 2010
John Busterud Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyWednesday, 13 January 2010
CV Mathai APSWednesday, 13 January 2010
Nancy Allred Southern California Edison CompanyWednesday, 13 January 2010
Michael Zody Utah Business Climate Change CoalitionThursday, 14 January 2010
Norman Pedersen Southern California Public Power AuthorityThursday, 14 January 2010
Kristin Dangelmaier BC Forestry Climate Change Working GroupThursday, 14 January 2010
David Steele WEST AssociatesThursday, 14 January 2010