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Document Title:Market Oversight White Paper
Comment Period:Wednesday, 18 November 2009 through Friday, 18 December 2009
Document Description:

This white paper reports on the information collected and reviewed by the Markets Committee on market oversight approaches and issues.  This information is presented in this paper as follows:

  • Section 2 presents the revised principles being used to guide the development of the market oversight recommendations.
  • Section 3 summarizes background information, including an overview of cap-and-trade, market architecture and oversight, and existing market models.
  • Section 4 describes oversight of existing markets in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
  • Section 5 identifies recent U.S. federal proposals related to carbon market oversight.


The paper concludes with a brief list of key decisions that are under consideration. 

For questions regarding comment submittal:Mark Wenzel
Posted By:Markets Committee

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Comment AuthorOrganizationDate Posted
Dave Warren Washington Public Utility Districts AssociationThursday, 17 December 2009
Kyle L Davis PacifiCorpFriday, 18 December 2009
Susan Frank Western Climate Advocates Network (WeCAN)Friday, 18 December 2009
Steve Huhman Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc.Friday, 18 December 2009
Granville Martin Carbon Markets & Investors AssociationFriday, 18 December 2009
John W. Busterud Pacific Gas and Electric CompanyFriday, 18 December 2009
Joseph Bowring Monitoring AnalyticsFriday, 18 December 2009
Nancy Allred Southern California Edison CompanySaturday, 19 December 2009
Norman Pedersen Southern California Public Power AuthoritySaturday, 19 December 2009
Gian P. Zini Westminster CollegeSaturday, 19 December 2009
Don MacKinnon Power Workers' UnionTuesday, 22 December 2009