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07-13-2010 Presentation of Updated Economic Modeling Analysis and Results
07-27-2010 WCI Program Design Presentation
09-15-2010 WCI Stakeholder Dialouge
09-27-2010 Stakeholder Call on Harmonized Reporting Requirements for Canadian Jurisdictions
11-08-2010 Stakeholder Call on Second Harmonization Package for Reporting for Canadian Jurisdictions
11-17-2010 WCI Stakeholder Update
04-13-2011 WCI Stakeholder Update
06-15-2011 Stakeholder Call on Offset System Process Draft Recommendations
07-20-2011 Webinar on Draft Offset Protocol Review and Recommend´╗┐ation Process
01-12-2012 Stakeholder Update
03-02-2012 Stakeholder Webinar on Final Offset System Process Recommendations

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