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12-15-2009 Draft Guidance for Allowance Budget Development Stakeholder Call
01-20-2010 WCI Partners Meeting
01-21-2010 WCI Electricity Industry Collaborative
02-04-2010 Stakeholder Update Call
03-03-2010 WCI Partners Meeting
03-04-2010 WCI Goods Movement Collaborative
04-14-2010 WCI Partners Meeting
04-14-2010 WCI Stakeholder Dialogue
04-20-2010 Market Oversight Draft Recommendations Stakeholder Call
04-22-2010 Offsets System Draft Recommendations: Stakeholder Call #1
04-29-2010 Auction Design White Paper Stakeholder Call
05-05-2010 Offsets System Draft Recommendations: Stakeholder Call #2
05-19-2010 Benchmarking Symposium
05-20-2010 WCI Partners Meeting
05-25-2010 Conference Call to Discuss Report on Holdings Limits

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