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The WCI is a collaboration of independent jurisdictions working together to identify, evaluate, and implement emissions trading policies to tackle climate change at a regional level.  Other US states, Canadian provinces, Mexican states and tribes that are interested in collaborating to combat climate change at a regional level are encouraged to participate in the WCI. 

Partners, Committees, Teams and Task Groups

Each member state and province designates lead representatives to serve on the WCI.  These WCI Partners direct the overall work of the WCI, and make recommendations for program design and policies to achieve the collective greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. 

The WCI Partners also form working Committees as necessary to accomplish the work of the WCI.  Each WCI Partner jurisdiction may designate representatives to serve as members on each Committee.  Committees may form task groups as needed to accomplish specific work of the Committee, and are responsible for determining the members, scope, and outcomes of these task groups.