Development of WCI Offset Protocols PDF Print

The Western Climate Initiative (WCI) Partner jurisdictions will be reviewing offset protocols to support the WCI cap-and-trade program. In a series of design documents released over the last several years, WCI recommended the creation of rigorous and consistent offset protocols, and processes for reviewing and developing offset protocols in an open and transparent way. WCI Partners will begin the review and evaluation of the protocols listed below. 

Offset Protocols for WCI Review 

  • Avoided CH4 from Manure Management (cows and pigs) 
  • Ozone Depleting Substances 
  • Coal Mine Methane
  • Small Landfills

WCI may also consider reviewing additional protocols relating to municipal and industrial waste water treatment, forests (all project types), fertilizer application N2O emission reductions, rice cultivation, and enteric fermentation.

Important Note: The WCI Partner review of these protocols, or any others, does not constitute an endorsement or approval of these protocols, or any existing credits issued under those protocols, as being eligible for use in any WCI jurisdiction program